Thursday, November 15, 2012

Broadway Style

Can I just say how lovely I spent my day dressing up my petite model friend and walking around the city shooting marc jacobs  garments and chanel in the most transited street in all of downtown.  My beautiful friend Tyra was excited to participate in such a video as it is her lifelong dream to be a cover girl model, and despite her petite figure she has the looks and attitude to carry that career to the end, so I was glad to help her realize her potential. This was definitely a good after school activity, what can I say, I'm a downtown enthusiast. It was funny to see all the tourists looking at our little video shoot and thinking it was a big deal and they stopped and looked for a moment or two, hey maybe one day they'll actually know who I am but until now my 5 minutes of fame were well appreciated.
Gotta love the city man.
Enjoy the vid!

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  1. update the page please, i want to see more!