Thursday, November 15, 2012

Broadway Style

Can I just say how lovely I spent my day dressing up my petite model friend and walking around the city shooting marc jacobs  garments and chanel in the most transited street in all of downtown.  My beautiful friend Tyra was excited to participate in such a video as it is her lifelong dream to be a cover girl model, and despite her petite figure she has the looks and attitude to carry that career to the end, so I was glad to help her realize her potential. This was definitely a good after school activity, what can I say, I'm a downtown enthusiast. It was funny to see all the tourists looking at our little video shoot and thinking it was a big deal and they stopped and looked for a moment or two, hey maybe one day they'll actually know who I am but until now my 5 minutes of fame were well appreciated.
Gotta love the city man.
Enjoy the vid!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Recovery Mode

After dealing with extreme weather conditions and having flown back home to Mexico ( which can't complain was much appreciated) I am glad to say, I am back in the beautiful NYC and Frankenstorm has been well left in the past. Little by little you can see  New yorkers returning to their crazy lives.
This sunday I spent it walking the streets of soho along with thousands just  eager to catch some fresh air after being stuck in their homes for well over a week. So here I post a video of my wonderful day with some friends that turned into a little soiree in my rooftop. Enjoy

Donations for Sandy will be greatly appreciated as some people in coney Island still are struggling..
My internship at Alice+ Olivia has offered great resources to help those in need. Check out their page and see how you can help as well.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Tu me manques Paris

I recently moved to the big apple in pursuit of happiness.. or just a really good job in the arts, and although my separation anxiety from Paris has been decreasing I won't lie and say Paris is not on my mind. Here I leave you with some videos  and pictures I made of my experience in Paris
 Au Revoir


Saturday, August 11, 2012

First Impression

I knew I wanted to try something different for my Fashion school's first assignment and well this seemed like a great idea but I never thought it could actually come across well in a picture and .. I never thought there would be a volunteer waiting to have their eyebrows filled with glue and aluminum until my best friend did. We stood there for half an hour trying to glue the stupid little pieces of aluminum into her bushy eyebrows. For the second part of the project I wanted to try something more 80's meets studio 54 look with a theme more focused on the fashion aspect. It was a really tough yet succesful day.. at least I think so !
Ps- I made a little video of the second part of the project ENJOY.

 (Dress: Forever21 | Shoes: ZARA)

(Blouse: Forever21 | Pants: ZARA | Necklace: Pull&Bear | Shoes: ZARA)

Friday, July 6, 2012

Hello Bloggers, its MODASSE

Modasse simply means in a very vulgar french way fashionista or somebody who loves fashion a lot aka (moi). My name is Carolina, I just got back from a year in Paris and in the process of moving to NYC in a month. I have a love affair with Fashion. This blog is going to be all about that, an aspiring fashion mogul trying to make it in the big apple and of course a few recaps about my experience in Paris and the fashion out there which is INCROYABLE!
Thankyou hope you follow my journey.