Friday, July 6, 2012

Hola a todos! So, I have been in the beautiful capital of Mexico for two weeks now taking a fashion design course. I really have been enjoying myself learning about fashion design and I have been trying to get an internship down here (funny story). So basically I typed in google " address of Conde Nast Latin America" , I found it , wrote it down and drove down there, I just thought do it know before you think twice. I got there and barged into the offices of Conde Nast Latin America and asked the receptionist if I could go and talk to someone in the little magazine called Vogue Mexico(no biggie). The receptionist almost laughed at my face  and asked and who are you? I told her my life's story trembling and with all the nerves in the world. She told me basically no you can't go up but she did give me an email to send my resume to, so I sent some pictures and sketches and wrote down my name and number. To think I would get a call was stupid of my part, so like any desperate fashionista I drove down there again and literally invented a story that the email she gave me was wrong and if I could speak to anyone in Vogue Mexico.. I begged for about 5 minutes until she gave me a badge to go in!!! I wanted to die. I had a badge on my clothes that said VOGUE MEXICO. I wanted to take a picture but there was people around and I didn't want to seem desperate ( Although I am). So, I got to the offices and begged  the receptionist to speak to someone she was mmm the opposite of nice, but after a couple of minutes I got the number of the head of Human Resources, she told me to send my resume (again) and now I'm just waiting its been a couple of days now... I basically humiliated myself just a tad but until I get to be amongst Fashion Royalty I will keep being persistent. :)

(Jewelry: Pull& Bear )
(Clothes & Shoes:  ZARA)

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  1. Keep bugging them until they give you the damn job!! :)